WACO, Texas– Laura and Doug Butler adopted their daughter Anna about four years ago, and throughout the process they noticed how many people wanted to adopt but couldn’t afford it.

The Butlers said they have always had a heart for adoption, and when they saw how many people were being held back from adoption because of the price tag, they wanted to do something to fix that.

“I came to him and said, babe, I just want to do something to help people adopt like we did,” Laura Butler said. “Because the big reason why people said they couldn’t do it was because of the financial piece.”

The Butlers said a domestic adoption can cost around $25,000, and an international adoption around $40,000-$50,000.

That’s when they started the Anna Cheri Foundation to not only help fund adoption but also to bring awareness to the orphan crisis and help inform people about the adoption process.

“If someone is sort of teetering on whether they should or shouldn’t, and money is the biggest factor, let’s do something big for those people so then money becomes a non-factor,” Doug Butler said.

Doug said on record there are about 154 million orphans in the world.

“That’s not even the whole story because many of your really poor countries don’t even have the infrastructure to even keep the registries of orphans,” Doug Butler said. “So we think it’s between 160 million and 180 million children around the world that need families.”

Their goal was to help one family a year, but they exceeded that.

“We gave our 21st grant in less than five years,” they said.

Nick and Victoria Brown are one of those families who received a grant.

“I was like oh my goodness,” Victoria Brown said. “And so I immediately sent him a picture, and I was like we’re done, we’re funded.”

Their advice to people who are thinking about adoption is to just say yes.

“Just say yes,” Victoria Brown said. “Every step of the way. You don’t have to have the whole picture. And that can be one of the most overwhelming things about adoption is just starting.”

They said the Butlers helped them financially, but also invested in them and walked through their journey with them.

“I would love to be in heaven when you get there for God to lay out all the families that you have touched in your lifetime because there is no telling how long that list is going to be,” Victoria Brown said.

They have many fundraisers each year, and the next one is a color run on November 6.

For more information visit their website.