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WACO, Texas – Governor Greg Abbott held a special signing Thursday morning for several bills, including the permitless carry bill.

This bill allows Texans over 21 years old to carry a handgun without a background check, permit or prior training. Texans can carry handguns without a license or training starting September 1st.

Johnny Price, owner of Big Iron, says it will affect his business.

“We still have classes. They just dropped in size. I think the people figured out the difference in permitless carry and license to carry,” Price says.

Price says he is concerned for new gun owners, as they won’t be as informed as the people who have been carrying.

“The thing is, as a citizen of Texas, you’re supposed to know all the places and learn where you can and can not have it,” says Price.

But Price believes those who already know the state laws related to firearms will see a benefit to the bill.

“With permitless carry, you don’t have to take the class. You don’t have to pay for the license, but the license is only $40,” says Price.

Big Iron offers license to carry classes, teaching new gun users safety procedures. Price says these classes help those who are new to gun ownership.

“I bet at least 30 percent of our students have never handled a firearm or a pistol in their lives, and at least they get a chance to learn the right way to handle it,” says Price.

As well as how to gauge when the time is right to pick up a weapon.

“We try to teach them that’s the last thing you go for. You try everything to avoid that, with only your fear for your life,” says Price.

Price also says for those who have a license, keep it – because they won’t have to wait the five-day period to get their firearm.

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