Local health officials warn against skipping second COVID shot

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WACO, Texas – A new trend around the country shows people are getting their first COVID shot but foregoing the second one. Health officials are vehemently advising against the decision.

Some people are citing being too busy to get two shots – but still, others just can’t be bothered.

“It’s just not a priority,” Waco-McLennan County Public Health District spokesperson Kelly Craine said. “They’ve got one, and it just becomes less pressure once you’ve got that first one to say, ‘It’ll be fine, I have enough.’ So there’s a myriad of reasons.”

All the science, however, behind the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are based off two doses, not one.

“That extra dose isn’t there just to make it more inconvenient for you. It is there to actually get you fully protected,” Craine said. “That 95 percent protection rate? That comes from two doses.”

Some don’t want to take the second dose because it could cause a short-term sickness, but the Public Health District says the minor side effects show the vaccine is working.

“This is your body mounting a defense. Again, this vaccine is basically showing your body, ‘Hey, here’s the bad guy. You need to create antibodies to protect it, so the next time you see it you’ll know what to do,'” Craine said. “That sore arm, you feeling tired, that’s your body responding to the vaccine.”

For those who don’t have enough time to get two shots, but still want the protection, there’s even a solution for that.

“I think Johnson & Johnson makes it so much easier for working adults who are just so busy that they’re lucky to get time to get one shot,” Craine said. “We hope people take advantage of it.”

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