WACO, Texas – Riots on the U.S. Capitol Building turned ugly Wednesday, with people busting into Senate and Congress chambers. One woman was shot and killed as a result.

Congress representatives, as well as senators, were on lockdown as armed guards drew their weapons to protect the chambers.

Congressman Pete Sessions (R- 17th District) took to Twitter to reflect on the moment and offer updates, writing:

“Today, there was an illegal and unprecedented charge on the U.S. Capitol. It should not have occurred and should not be tolerated. My staff and I are safe. I sincerely appreciate all the calls and concern for our safety here in the nation’s capital. I pray that law enforcement continues to use great strength and confidence in restoring law and order across Washington.”

This charge comes as lawmakers were certifying the presidential election as a victory for President-Elect Joe Biden.

“Storming our U.S. Capitol building is in direct opposition to the belief of peaceful transfer of power,” says Baylor University Associate Professor of Political Science Dr. Patrick Flavin.

Congressman Roger Williams (R-25th District) condemned the rioters, saying:

“The Constitution gives our citizens the right to peacefully assemble. It does not give them the right to destroy property and commit violence against our first responders. Capitol police and law enforcement have our full support. I am disgusted by the actions of those who came to our Nation’s Capital with violent intentions. This behavior is an extraordinary stain on our democracy.”

Even with this disruption, Flavin does not believe it will affect this month’s inauguration.

“It’s likely President-Elect Joe Biden will take office January 20 without President Trump ever have conceded this election,” Flavin said. “That would be certainly unprecedented.”