Local trauma therapist speaks on how current events are affecting our mental health

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WACO, Texas – Professional therapists are noticing an increase in mental health struggles due to the pandemic, protests, shootings and upcoming inauguration.

“There’s the people who don’t tend to worry a lot or have a lot of anxiety are now faced with these things that just don’t fit anything we could prepare for or imagine experiencing.” says trauma therapist, Salley Schmid.

There was nothing but transition in 2020 and now we’re going into a massive political transition.

“Our entire world is basically in trauma response mode and our nation is in trauma response mode and when we’re in trauma response mode we tend to do one of three things: fight, flight, freeze.” says Schmid.

Salley Schmid is a trauma therapist and is reminding people the importance of mental, emotional, and spiritual well being during these difficult times.

“Think about what we’ve been through in this last year and what we’re facing in our nation and our capitol coming up. There’s not a single event in life that has been made better because a person worried. The only thing worry does is rob you of internal resources and the energy you need to cope with hard stuff.” says Schmid.

Coping with mental health struggles may be difficult, but Schmid has some tips that could help.

“So one of the things that happens is we burn a lot of energy trying to adjust and adapt to transitions so maintaining routine where we can is helpful to give you one less thing to adapt to.” says Schmid.

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