Local woman starts her own business after hiring freeze last March

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TEMPLE, Texas – While the pandemic put a halt in job hiring for many college graduates last spring, it certainly didn’t stop one local woman from pursuing her dreams of being a business owner.

It all started with Mary Senese just selling edible cookie dough to friends and family – but once many companies froze their hiring process in March, she decided to start her own business. Senese graduated from college in December 2019 – and like many college graduates, she began her job search.

“I got a business degree in Management, and I knew I wanted to pursue an entrepreneurship someday, but I thought that would be years into the future,” says Dough Re Mi Cookie Dough owner Mary Senese.

When COVID-19 hit inspiring a hiring freeze back in March, it made Mary make some big decisions on what to do next.

“I started selling cookie dough to family and friends just as a way to make some extra cash while I was applying for jobs. Then in March, I was offered a job that I was really excited about, but that was right before COVID hit. And so, they had to retract that job offer,” says Senese.

COVID put a halt in plans for many people, but this didn’t stop Mary from working on opening her storefront to the public.

“One of the things I have been doing before I get my store front is pop up shops. So, doing different events and setting up in front of other local businesses. And so, COVID has definitely kind of put a dent in that because a lot of those events that were supposed to happen in the summer, over the holidays, were canceled because of the pandemic,” says Senese.

Dough Re Mi is on Kickstarter. Mary is asking for people to make donations so she and her husband can open their store.

“Its been cool to see how many people already supported us in that. And also, we have some really great rewards on there, too. So it’s not just like, you’re giving us away money for nothing. You can also pick a flavor that we add to our menu, or just free cookie dough, free t-shirt in exchange for your help,” says Senese.

For the cookie dough fanatics, Dough Re Mi Cookie Dough will be opening up to the public soon.

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