FORT HOOD, Texas (FOX 44) — The first battalion of the eighth regiment of 1st CAV held a family day on the range today.

Sergeant First Class Michael Carroll brought his wife and three boys to the range so they could see what he does at work.

His youngest Jaxon was quite the fan of the guns on the top of the vehicle.

“It’s a pretty unique opportunity,” SFC Carroll said. “We haven’t gotten a whole lot of chances to do this throughout my career. So having them out there, especially the the times when they were this young, these two older ones, they didn’t really get to experience it in full capacity. What I do on a day to day basis.”

Alpha Company Commander Captain Larry Tran brought his girlfriend and his father to family day.

His dad says his favorite part was watching the tanks shoot rounds.

Cpt. Larry tran & family
“I like to hear the sound of the boom,” Tran’s Father said. “I haven’t heard it for a long time. But inside a tank is cool.”

“Getting to see where they spend their time and in the close quarters and see where they’re workspace is,” his girlfriend added. “It’s really cool to see how everything kind of comes together.”

1-8 Battalion Commander Lieutenant Colonel Jay Ireland says this is not only a great way for families to see what their service member does but it’s also a morale boost for the soldiers.

“The fun part about this event is that families come from all over the country to see their soldiers,” he said. “So we’re not just seeing spouses. We’re seeing fathers and mothers and brothers. I’ve seen cousins and across the board. Everybody’s really excited to see what their soldiers do. And when the main gun goes off, everybody gets really excited.”

1-8 is planning another family day on Thursday to showcase Bradley vehicles instead of tanks to give those service members the opportunity to show their families what they do.