WACO, Texas – It was a normal day for Jessica Taylor, out in the neighborhood skateboarding with her friend, when things quickly took a turn.

“Somehow her skateboard was messed up, and she ended up falling off and hitting her head,” says Amye Biven-Taylor, Jessica’s mother.

Her family says Jessica hit her head so hard on the ground after her fall, she instantly had a seizure.

Her family was unaware of just how serious Jessica’s injuries were until they got the hospital.

“All of a sudden, they’re saying she has to have brain surgery, and I was like, ‘Brain surgery?’ She just fell off of her skateboard. It really didn’t hit me until then. Like, she was really hurt,” says Jessica’s oldest sister, Cathleen Morris.

Doctors shared with them that she had to have emergency surgery on both sides of her brain to remove blood clots from the impact. She’s been in the hospital since making a recovery.

Her family says they never imagined how their lives could change in an instant.

“One minute our life it changed. And it’s just something we didn’t know how to handle or where to go. You’re just kind of lost. You don’t know what to do,” says Jessica’s mom.

Now she and Jessica’s sisters are acting as advocates for folks riding motorcycles, bicycles, or skateboards to wear helmets. And after this, they can’t stress the importance of protective head-gear enough.

“You see stuff on TV, and you see things that happen to people, and you never really realize it until it actually happens to you. And I don’t want another family have to go through what we’ve had to go through,” says Bivens-Taylor.

In the meantime, Jessica’s sisters say they are praying and leaning on support from friends and family adding that this whole process hasn’t been easy.

“Not being able to see her beautful blue eyes, it hurts. I just feel helpless because I cant help her. Like, it’s out of my hands,” says Alexis Taylor.

She even started the Blue for Jessica page on Facebook as a sign of support.

For people looking to support or help out with Jessica Taylor’s hospital expenses, she has a GoFundMe account set up.