KILLEEN, Texas – A Killeen woman took her weight loss goals to a whole new level – losing over 100 pounds in less than a year.

In her weight-loss journey, Brianna Marzett accomplished what many set out to achieve around the New Year.

At one point weighing over 300 pounds, the Killeen native says she got caught up checking the practical boxes in life – but deep down she knew she wanted a real change, and this change certainly happened.

“I walked in this building, and I was 140 pounds down in 11 months,” Marzett told FOX44.

But Marzett would be the first to say this goal wasn’t easy to attain. She says it was crucial that first she owned her reality.

“Step one for me is always owning the situation you’re in – whether it be negative or positive. You have to own it, feel it and be solution based,” she said.

Her physical transformation, Marzett says, was the result of her mental transformation.

“The training is maybe 20-40 percent. But if your mind keeps you locked up, you’ll never start the journey because it’s too big to start,” she shared.

Marzette says well before the global pandemic required it, she socially quarantined back in 2018 because she needed to focus and limit her distractions.

“I definitely had to just tell everybody, ‘I’m about to do something crazy.’ I said, ‘Kove me through it. You may not hear from me. I’m taking one year for myself.’ And I kind of ‘went ghost’, as they call it. I ghosted everybody,” recalled Marzett.

After losing over 140 pounds, Marzett is spreading her gym’s formula for transformation – inspiring women all over to do just as she did.

“I was asked to become a trainer here, an instructor. You kind of find your niche. I’m the loud, enthusiastic one who’s going to give everyone love and make them feel welcome. And I kind of became Coach Bri,” she remembered.

Marzett hopes through her journey she can encourage folks to commit to their own greatness and never give up.

“If you can commit and accept that you are great up here [points at brain], everything else will move. I don’t care what type of journey. Transformation can happen in any realm. All things are possible when you literally put your mind to it,” she said.