2020 election boasting large turnout as early voters flock to polls


McLENNAN COUNTY, Texas – We are just past the midpoint of early voting statewide, and poll workers are seeing one of the largest early voting turnouts ever in a General Election.

The number of early voters and votes by mail so far in McLennan County is 51,774 – already surpassing the number of early voters in the 2008 General Election. 

The number of early voters in 2016 was 55,299 – about 3,500 more votes than where we are now, with about a week remaining in the early voting period. 

McLennan County election administrators say the turn out so far is encouraging. 

“We’re very excited by it. Because we also hope that by having the three weeks of early voting, most of the people will have voted. And then, therefore, it will alleviate some of the lines we were expecting for Election Day,” said Kathy Van Wolfe.

Voters tell FOX44 because the stakes are so high in this election, they can’t afford to be on the sidelines this year. 

“If it doesn’t go the right way, I don’t know what I’m going to do. If it doesn’t go the way I want it to go, it’s going to be life-changing,” said Jean Cunningham.

“Every vote counts, you know? We all have to show up. Whatever side you want to vote for, whoever you want to vote for, just make sure you’re there to represent so we can get an accurate count,” said Andres Olidas.

Some voters taking advantage of the early voting for the first time say they were surprised pointing out the shorter waiting periods.

“I’ve always just waited until the day of, so it’s kind of nice. Like, ‘Okay, it’s done. Got it over with,'” Amber Blankenship told FOX44.

Voters say they suspect many others will take the polls before early voting ends, especially after the final Presidential Debate Thursday night.

“This is the most pivotal election this country has seen in a long, many number of years. This is going to be in terms of numbers. This is going to be an all-time high in the number of vote turnout,” Thomas Cunningham said.

The last day to vote early is Friday, October 30th.

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April 29 2021 07:00 pm

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