Thursday marked 25 years since a fire erupted at the Mount Carmel compound killing 76 people. It also ended the 51 day siege between Branch Davidians and federal agents.

And, a quarter of a century later, the deadly ending brought strong emotions.

“If you’re listening to me Doyle, go hide under a rock, it’s where you belong for doing that, not bringing your child out, what a low life,” said McLennan County Sheriff Parnell McNamara.

Clive Doyle, along with dozens of others gathered on Thursday, April 19th to remember the 76 people who died at Mount Carmel.

“I didn’t see where the fire started about noon somebody from upstairs yelled the building is on fire,” said Doyle.

“It was his (David Koresh) prophecy that it was going to happen and he had to make it happen like that, so the government wasn’t going to set the fire, so he (Koresh) had to set it,” said Sheriff McNamara.

“My theory is that yes they put the gas in, it was a lethal gas but it was not in a flammable situation at the time, but the ferret round that went in right afterwords exploded the whole thing.”

Once the fire engulfed the compound, Sheriff McNamara says not many people came out.

“We expected the doors to fly open and everybody to come out,” he added.

Many of the survivors say they stayed inside the burning building out of fear of getting shot.

“I says ‘if we jump out, do you think they’ll shoot us?’,” said Doyle.

“It’s the ultimate slap in the face for them to say that it was a suicide when we know there were shooters out there,” said 

Doyle left the building, leaving behind his daughter.

“When I jumped out I look back over my shoulder and there were massive flames, and I’m thinking oh my god, I’m the only one that’s got out, kind of felt bad about that. My daughter, my daughter died in the fire,” said Doyle.

“He ran out of the compound during the fire and grabbed his dog, and left his daughter in there to burn up and she burned up in the there,” said Sheriff McNamara.

76 people died 25 years ago and the whole ordeal left a combined 86 people dead, including four ATF agents.