3 Central Texans appointed to military committee


Residents of Killeen, Belton and Gatesville are among those appointed by Governor Greg Abbott to serve on the newly created Governor’s Committee to Support the Military.

Among them is Joe “Keith” Sledd of Gatesville who is the executive director of the Heart of Texas Defense Alliance who served in the army 34 years until his retirement in 2017 and who will, in fact, chair the committee.

Also among the local appointees are Todd Fox of Belton who is executive vice-president at Fort Hood National Bank who served in the army for 24 years and retired as Chief of Staff of III Corps at Fort Hood this year and Sean Payton of Killeen who is pastor for Guided Truth Global Ministries, serves as a chaplain for the Texas State Guard and is a member of the Killeen Planning and Zoning Commission.

The announcement of the committee’s creation says that it will actively look for ways to maintain and enhance military value at installations within the state.

“The State of Texas strongly supports the mission of the U.S. military and actively looks for ways to maintain and enhance our military installations,” said Governor Abbott.

“Texas is home to many veterans with unique knowledge and experience that the Governor’s Committee to Support the Military can utilize. I look forward to the great work of this Committee, and I thank the members for their service.”

The Committee will make a written report of its findings, activities, and recommendations, including legislative recommendations, to the Governor and the Legislature. 

The first report is due by December 1, 2018, and will contain recommendations for legislative action during the 2019 legislative session.

Among other duties of the committee will be to study and make recommendations on how best to make Texas a more attractive destination for additional military missions.

They will collaborate with local governments and chambers of commerce to explore surrounding civilian infrastructure and identify competing and complementary needs be between private development, the rights of private landowners and military necessities.

They will also look a strategies to avoid future base closures in Texas.


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