Temple ISD has begun construction on a new $30 million dollar facility that will impact over 87% of Temple High School students. 

“It’ll be very beautiful , very attractive facility, very modern, it’ll fit well with our campus and we think it’ll be the nicest state of the art facility in the state of Texas,” said Kent Boyd, Assistant Superintendent of Finance and Operations. 

The building will replace the current Career & Technology Facility that was built in 1965. 

But the outside isn’t the only new thing about this project. 

“The equipment will be upgraded so it’ll  21st century state of the art equipment, so we’ll be up to date and looking to the future as well,” said Denise Ayres, Director of Career and Technological Education. 

The project is part of the $165 million dollar bond package that was voted on in 2015 payed for by tax payers. 

The building will be where the auto mechanics, medical studies, pharmacy, FFA, culinary arts, cosmetology classes and much more will be held.

“The best thing about that new facility is that it’ll reflect the programs that are going on right now, the outside will reflect the inside,” said Ayres. 

The building is expected to welcome students by the beginning of the 2018 school year. 

“We’re very excited for what it holds,” said Boyd.