MCLENNAN COUNTY, TX – Voters are coming across some pretty important propositions during this Election.

“Both parties have a list of you know, sort of a wish list of things they’d like to see happen,” said Mary Duty, Chair of the McLennan County Democratic Party.

Both Republican and Democratic ballots have a list of “yes” or “no” questions called Propositions.

“My understanding is that the feedback is given to the party for their ballot initiatives, but also for how they craft their plank in the conventions,” said Scott Salmans, President, McLennan County Republican Club.

Each question is specific to certain topics like taxes, education, borders, the economy and immigration. All, asking for your opinion.

“Ideally, it’s a way to get the voice of average people all the way to the Convention floor and then maybe all the way into law at some point,” said Duty.

Republicans have 10 propositions in this year’s ballot and Democrats have 11.

“They are intended to give more precise information to how strong the party should fight for issues like prayer in schools and that kind of more detail. That they want to hear directly from voters, so it’s a great way to do true polling as opposed to from phone calls or random polling,” said Salmans. “People say they don’t have a voice or don’t have an opportunity to say what they want to tell, the leadership of the party that are representing them, well, this is their chance.”

“The party’s no good if it’s not the party of the people who belong to it, so these resolutions and propositions are a way to have the voice of the people heard, period,” said Duty.