A local three year old is fighting one tough battle and can’t do it alone


KILLEEN, TX- Three year old Rory Paul has been diagnosed with a rare cancerous brain tumor back in May 2021, since the diagnosis, he was able to get treatment at St. Jude’s hospital.

“He had the surgery on July 13th and from what they can see from the scans they were able to get the tumor,” says Rory’s mother, Ashley Manwhiller.

From being able to run and play, the three year old’s diagnosis has been a tough one for him and his family.

“I wont sugar coat it. It’s been very hard on him he loves playing,” says Manwhiller.

Ashley Manwhiller says Rory Paul has earned his nickname ‘Baby Hulk’, his recovery process has been hard, that doesn’t stop the determined three year old.

“He figured out how to work his legs enough to stand up and so now he can hold up onto things and angle himself to stand up,” says Manwhiller.

Even though he is having to learn how to walk and crawl again, his mom says some days are harder than other.

“He is struggling with sitting up for long periods of time on his own and standing and walking,” says Manwhiller.

The McCracken family says they’re grateful for the support from the Killeen community, from a simple check up, to having a drive by to surprise Rory, to starting a fundraiser for his family.

“Even if I don’t need anything even if he doesn’t need anything it’s just them asking means the world to us,” says Manwhiller.

With Rory’s diagnosis, the future for him is uncertain.

“We do intend for it to stay in the account and go towards funeral costs when that time does come,” says Manwhiller.

There will be a fundraiser for Rory on August 15 at Lift Kingz in Harker Heights from 1pm-4pm, money raised that day will go towards funeral arrangements when the time comes.

But for now his next plans are going back to St. Jude for further treatment.

“We go back in October to do another scan to see if it’s already started growing,” says Manwhiller.

Rory’s mom created a Facebook page updating his journey you can click here to follow along.

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