The woman accusing former Baylor University football player Shawn Oakman of sexual assault took the stand on Wednesday.

The woman told the jury, composed of eight women and four men, what she remembers from that night. 

It was a tense day in the courtroom. Most of the day was focused on the victim’s injuries from the alleged sexual assault.

The victim testified that on the night of April 3, 2016, after having several drinks and getting clearly intoxicated, she went to Shawn Oakman’s house and was raped in his bedroom.

She claims she did not want to be there and remembers being held down by Oakman and being choked by him while he had sex with her.

Earlier, sexual assault examiner Michelle Davis testified about performing an exam on the victim. She found several injuries in the woman’s private area – including redness, bruising and bleeding.

Davis says these types of injuries are seen four times to 20 times more when sex is not consensual.

The court also heard from two of the victim’s friends who were with her that night. They say the victim went home with Oakman and she remembered feeling scared, saying she wanted to leave. 

According to the friends, Oakman cornered her and took her to his bedroom and raped her.

The friends say her whole demeanor changed after this, saying it felt like the life had been sucked out of her. She wasn’t as outgoing anymore and was anxious all the time.

The judge says he wants to wrap up the trial by Friday. If found guilty, Oakman faces two to 20 years in prison.