Active shooter training in Waco


Law enforcement and armed services worked hard across Waco by practicing their active shooter drills.

Waco High School and Bells Hill Elementary had mock lockdowns on Wednesday, and an active shooter drill took place at the National Guard Reserve. 

“It went very well. The training was successful. We learned. Obviously, we want to make mistakes in training situations so we don’t make them in real-time situations,” said Waco Police Sergeant Patrick Swanton.

The first officers on the scene of the drills did not know it was a mock scenario. This was meant to help assess how officers would perform if this were to really happen. 

“We’re testing real time situations, real time scenarios. The SWAT Team didn’t all of a sudden magically appear here,” Swanton says.

SWAT Team Commander Steve Mosley says because active shooter situations are being seen more, training for them has become more important. 

“This is something the naval bases around the country are mandated to do now. So we have been working with them since November of last year,” Mosley says.

Mosley says there will be more mock scenarios in the future because there is always progress that can be made.

“I believe that we were prepared prior to this, but we can always get better. And that’s what we are trying to do,” Mosley says.

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