WACO, Texas – May 17, 2015. Six years ago, nine men died in the deadliest biker shootout in U.S. history.

Yvonne Reeves comes back every year to the spot her son – Richard Jordan, II – took his last breath.

“This is where he laid. Right here, that’s why,” Reeves said. “He laid there after a coward shot him, and I don’t want anybody to forget. Because we never will.”

Jordan was one of the nine men killed when a feud between motorcycle gangs the Bandidos and the Cossacks turned into a shootout at Twin Peaks.

Reeves says she will forever honor his life until she takes her last breath.

“Every year,” Reeves said. “Next year is the seventh anniversary. We will be setting free 1,000 balloons next year.”

The shootout resulted in over 100 arrests, one trial and no convictions.

The shooting investigation eventually ended with all charges being dropped, and numerous lawsuits being filed.

Emotions were high as family and friends gathered in the now-Louisiana Crab Shack parking lot to release balloons in his honor.

In attendance was Jordan’s children, along with another man whose twin brother died in the shootout.

Reeves says she will continue to honor her son’s memory because she does not want him to be forgotten.

“That’s pretty much why we do it. To make sure he stays alive with us,” Reeves said.