WACO, Texas — A Waco apartment complex experienced a fire damaging 16 units and leaving over 30 people out of their homes this Christmas Eve.

“Firefighters arrived on scene and they found a fire the first and second level of the apartment building second alarm with dispatch at 11:45 A.M.,” Waco Fire Marshall Lieutenant Keith Guillory said. “To assist with fire suppression and evacuation.”

The fire began a little after 11 this morning with the cause still under investigation.

After Waco Fire were able to extinguish the flames, the power and gas lines were disconnected from the building, making it temporarily unlivable for those who’s units were not damaged by the fire.

“16 units were affected,” he said. “Right now, the fire department, we’re in overall task force on finding hotspots, make sure the fire is out, make sure we don’t have any type of rekindles.”

“We also are helping the tenants here get all of their belongings out of the units,” he continued. “We have pets that are here, people need medications and things like that. So we’re assisting the tenants as far as getting their belongings out of the units because they will be displaced for the night.”

FOX 44 spoke with some residents that were still at the complex. Many were working on gathering the items that were not damaged by the flames.

One mother told me she is just grateful that her and her son are okay and she was able to get all their Christmas gifts out before the fire spread.

The Red Cross was at the complex later in the afternoon, helping those with no where else to go for the evening.

As of now, it’s still unsure as to when residents will be able to return to their apartments.