WACO, Texas (FOX 44) – If you are seeing insects invade your home right now, you are not alone. During warmer months many pests are looking for shelter indoors.

There are many types of insects but one thing is for certain. They are always on the move, and sometimes they move right into your home.

Bees Be Gone owner Allen Miller specializes in ants, bees, wasp, and hornets.

“This product that I put out it goes on liquid and dries to a powder. Whatever walks through it, it’s going to kill,” Miller said.

Miller is also no stranger to other insect infestations during this time of year such as roaches, ants, fleas, and crickets.

“Crickets have been a real problem for the last five years here in Waco. If you get after them early and stay after them, they are going to go somewhere else,” Miller said.

Crickets just like other insects can make their way into your home for a variety of reasons such as excessive moisture, clutter, or cracks in your home structure.

He says there are over the counter products you can use to go around the base boards of your home such as Raid, but some pest jobs require a professional.

“Exterminators has a pump up and puts a liquid in there. I use a pyrethrum product, and I also use a Crete that I have a mixture,” Miller said. “I pump up and go all around the baseboard of the house. I also like to get the top of the house where the drain is.”

FOX 44 News reached out to several local exterminators and they all said they are busy non-stop treating homes around town.

Action Services Wildlife & Pest Control says during this time of year they are getting called out for fire ants and fleas.

“Carpenter ants are going to swarm two weeks before termites. Termites usually start swarming the last of March and the first of April,” Miller said.

He says most products used to kill these insects last for 90 days.

“This is the time to get after them, this is the time to treat your house,” Miller said.

Miller says every home should be exterminated at least once a year depending on the location.

You should get your home treated for bugs even of you don’t see them.