Area organizations partner to feed dozens of families


KILLEEN, Texas – The founder of AR Cares For All teamed up with the Killeen Food Pantry and Destiny World Outreach to help dozens suffering from food insecurity.

It’s a fast-paced operation giving several pounds of food to dozens of families – but local organizations are determined to keep up the pace mainly because of the people they serve who have fallen on hard times, like Maria Sosa.

“If I need milk, or eggs or anything, I have to go to the corner store. And the food is so expensive,” Sosa said.

She relied heavily on H-E-B for groceries before they closed, and she found her self lacking access to healthy food. Now Marcello Brown and other community partners are stepping in.

“We decided to use the H-E-B here, or that used to be the H-E-B here, because it’s still an area and there’s still a lot of help needed,” said Brown.

Those who need help come in different forms and circumstances.

“There’s people that need help. That have a place to live. We don’t care for just homeless people. If you got to pull up, we don’t ask any questions. We give one box for each family,” Brown said.

One box would end up in the hands of a U.S. Army veteran who tells us he never suspected he would need help putting food on his table.

“Sometimes you have to humble yourself. I’m so grateful for this church here to allow me to get some food. I got some chicken and some vegetables. Its just me and my two dogs,” the veteran told FOX44.

“It’s a blessing to have the Food Bank to help us out,” Sosa added.

As the need for food distribution continues, Brown and his partners plan to be there to help others.

“Every month, we will be here scheduled. It will be different times on social media, and things of that nature. Websites, as well. We’ll always be here trying to help somebody,” Brown said.

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