Army Futures Command’s impact on Fort Hood


The U.S. Army’s Futures Command is now only about 70 miles from the largest Army post in the world.

“This entire region is home to some of the greatest brain power in the United States of America,” says Texas Governor Greg Abbott. 

Along with the governor, the Heart of Texas Defense Alliance says they can’t think of a better place for the Army Futures Command Headquarters. 

“We’ve all heard about the ‘Keep Austin Weird’ theme that Austin likes to highlight, but it’s all those good ideas, and young people and young minds with new ideas and new ways to use programs and equipment,” says Executive Director Keith Sledd. 

Sledd believes the new command proximity is a plus for soldiers training in Fort Hood. 

“There are 36,000 soldiers here that will be the ultimate end users of that equipment. You’ll have a place where you can take it out and let them try it and see how it works, see what good qualities it has,” Sledd said. 

The unit will focus on coming up with better ways to modernize equipment and prepare for future wars at a faster rate. 

“24 to 36 months of that time frame versus the seven to ten years that traditionally the Army has had,” Sledd said. 

“The defense of freedom going forward depends upon moving the Army going forward from the industrial age to the information age,” Abbott said. 

The ultimate goal is to keep soldiers fighting on the front lines ahead of their attackers. 

“This gives the soldiers in the Army the best possible equipment to so that they can survive whatever they might encounter in the future,” Sledd said. 

Experts also believe having the headquarters in Austin will have a major impact on the Central Texas region’s economy as a whole.

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