Army Veteran: “Nothing to celebrate” this 4th of July


As we celebrate Independence Day, many on social media say they have nothing to celebrate after reports that Specialist Vanessa Guillen was killed two months ago on Fort Hood.

An Army Veteran invested in the case says she can’t celebrate the 4th, as she demands justice for all our troops.

“I’m upset, because I hear so much ‘support our troops, support our soldiers, we love our soldiers’ and yet this soldier was killed on base in a secure facility where its supposed to be the most secure facility on the installation,” said Jerryka Stevens, Army Veteran.

Stevens is an Army Veteran, she says she feels for every soldier who has been mistreated, because she is one of them.

“I went through some of the things she did when I was in service, I went through assault, and harassment. I did not receive any justice and for the most part I was called crazy and that I wanted attention and I received no support from the people who were supposed to support me,” said Stevens.

She says assault and harassment happen at all military bases.

“Everyone thinks this is a Fort Hood issue and it’s not, it’s happening at bases all across our country to soldiers all across our country across all branches of the military this is not a single incident of one soldier, this is happening every day to hundreds of soldiers and nothing is being done about it,” said Stevens.

Fort Hood continues to say they have not found any evidence that Vanessa Guillen was sexually harrased.

“The criminal investigation has not found any connection between sexual harassment and Vanessa’s disappearance,” said Scott Efflandt, U.S. Army Major General.

Jerryka, like many on social media say they simply can’t celebrate 4th of July.

“This is the day that we celebrate freedom and justice and how can we celebrate when the people who signed up to serve our country the people who are giving their lives for that freedom of justice are not getting justice themselves,” said Stevens.

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