KILLEEN, Texas – Doing pushups is more than a fitness routine for Patrick Parker, known as Sgt. Pushup, who travels around the nation bringing awareness to child hunger.

“Sgt. Pushup – one pushup at a time,” says Patrick Parker.

Parker has a unique way to bring awareness to child hunger. Each time he goes down and comes up, it serves a greater purpose.

“We got 13 million children plus that’s not eating tonight,” Parker says. “Wait a minute, let me say that one more time – 13 million plus children are not going to eat tonight! Nobody else, just children!”

Parker who goes by the name “Sgt. Pushup“, travels across the U.S. in his 1996 Savana GMC SUV, which now has over 200,000 miles on it – but even with breakdowns along the way, his mission will not stop.

“I did not stop when I was serving in the military. So I am not going to stop with helping children now,” Parker said.

Today he partners with Raymond Cockrell, who is the Executive Director at the Killeen Food Care Center, to help raise money to feed more families.

“Our goal here today is to raise $1,500,” Cockrell said. “With Sgt. Pushup doing his 1,000 pushups, that would equate to 10,000 meals.”

Parker has been doing this for over three years as his military mission for children.

“Here we are now – over 350,000 meals for children, comic books, and just helping kids the best way I know how,” Parker said. “If we cant help our children, then who are we?”

In addition, he also created two comic books – one about COVID-19 germ safety, and one from his own experiences.

“I also had a problem with bullying in school,” Parker said. “So I created a comic book, Sgt. Pushup Comes to the Rescue, that educates parents and teaches them everything that they need to know in order to find out the things that kids go through.”

Parker said fighting for hunger is not just about the holidays – it should be all year around.

Sgt. Pushup may be an Army Veteran, but he says he is still serving his nation.

“My flag flies. You don’t see it flying on this particular vehicle, but it flies in my heart. It flies in my soul everyday,” Parker said.

To donate to the Food Care Center, you can click here.