Artwork stolen at Baylor University


Baylor University is trying to figure out who is stealing artwork from the campus and why.

Ever since 2017, someone has walked off with three painting prints from the Old Main building. Each piece is worth between $200 and $300. 

The university took down all artwork in the building in order to prevent another theft. However, school leaders say someone returned two stolen pieces on Sunday – but they are still investigating who took them and where the third missing piece is.

Baylor student Gunilla Diza can’t wrap her head around it. “It is really weird. I am actually really surprised. I don’t really know why you would steal artwork from campus. I guess you would have to sell it. Like why else would you steal it? If it is not money, it obviously is really creepy,” she says. 

Unfortunately, police say the security cameras didn’t capture an image of the crook. 

Police Chief Brad Wigtil says, “Someone might have seen that and realized the seriousness of the consequences of what they had done. It wasn’t for monetary reasons because they returned the artwork. So there is some other motive.”

Student Matt Snow believes petty crimes like theft have no place at his school. “Baylor brings in really high speed, top notch students who are held to higher standards than a lot of other schools in the nation, and it is really kind of sad. This happening at our university,” he says.  

Snow has a message for those who think stealing art is no big deal. “It is one of the things that separate us from animals. You know, art is what makes us distinct. It is a a way to honor our Creator.”  

Baylor police officers categorize this theft as a Class B misdemeanor. If you have any information about this thief, you can report them anonymously. 

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