Attorneys of Gatesville explosion victim file motion to cease site clean-up


It has been one week ever since the explosion at the Gatesville Coryell Memorial hospital. The blast killed two men and injured several others.

One of those injured is Wilber Dimas, who suffered burns to over 70 percent of his body.

On Tuesday, his family’s attorneys were granted a temporary injunction to stop all clean up by hospital staff, the contracting company on-site and Atmos Energy. Their goal is to make sure any evidence pointing to the truth about the blast does not get swept away. 

“The clients that I have are just as concerned as the truth coming out as anything. They want to know what happened. They don’t want others to go through the situations that they’ve been through. If there’s been something where someone made a mistake, they want it known,” says Dimas Family Attorney Jim Dunnam.

Dunnam, along with a Houston attorney who worked on the BP oil explosion, are now heading up the fight to get to the bottom of what happened at the hospital on June 26.

“I mean, I was turning on the TV and hearing about it, just like everybody else in Waco, and you want to know what happened. You want to know what happened. And this is the start of that process,” Dunnam says.

On Tuesday, a judge has granted their request for a temporary restraining order for any clean-up crews to stop work and preserve any evidence related to the deadly explosion. 

“We want to observe. We want to understand what’s being done. We want to document what’s being done and make sure that all the proper scientific protocols are being followed,” Dunnam says.

Dunnam goes on to share what the overall goal is: “To learn the truth. To understand what happened, why it happened, space these types of things usually have human error involved, space they don’t just happen on their own, so we need to get an understanding.”

He’s working with the courts while his client fights for his life. 

“I don’t think that anyone would trade any amount of money for being burned, much less 70 percent of their body. It’s not something that people wanted to do,” Dunnam says.

Wilber Dimas’s sister has set up a fundraising page to help with any costs incurred for medial expenses while at the Dell Seaton Medical Center in Austin. If you would like to make a donation, you can go here.

Below is the original text from this story:

A motion to stop clean up of the explosion site at Coryell County Memorial Hospital has been filed in McClennan County District Court.

The motion was filed by the Ammons Law Firm on behalf of the mother of explosion victim Wilber Dimas.

Attorneys for Dimas filed and were granted a restraining order in an effort to retain the scene to protect the primary physical evidence which could indicate the cause of the explosion.

Dimas Family Attorney Rob Ammons said in a statement:

“Workers have indicated they are actively engaged in altering the hospital premises where the explosion occurred. These alterations to the explosion site are going forward despite the fact that the Occupation Safety and Health Administration and Railroad Commission of Texas and others are investigating the explosion and those investigations are not yet concluded. It’s only fair for the people most directly impacted by this tragic event have an opportunity to examine the evidence before it is altered or destroyed.”

Ammons and family attorney Jim Dunnam requested the court order of all the companies involved in the explosion to cease all efforts which alter, destroy or otherwise fail to preserve explosion evidence immediately.

Coryell Memorial Hospital CEO David Byrom said in a conference on Monday the emergency room is open, and they are actively cleaning up the site after the explosion on June 26 which killed two and injured 14. The residents from both the Meadows Nursing Home and Oaks at Coryell Assisted Living are now back in those facilities.

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