Authorities: COVID-19 cases are in a ‘stagnant’ state


WACO, Texas – Face coverings and social distancing are working in Waco and McLennan County.

This is according to public health authorities, as the number of positive cases began to trend downward in recent weeks.

“I miss music. I miss concerts. I miss normal life,” said Augstin Escobedo.

It’s safe to say all of us are like Augustin, who just wants life to go back to normal.

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, face coverings and social distancing have become the new normal.

Augustin says he finds comort seeing folks comply with the guidelines handed down by authorities.

Farrah Aecock does, as well – saying she hopes compliance will lead to a return to life as we know it.

“If we just follow what we’re supposed to do, then maybe this can be over and we could be normalized without any risk to anyone’s health,” Aecock said.

According to public health officials, we’re seeing a glimmer of hope that the health precautions we take daily are paying off.

“Central Texans, we’re wearing our masks. We’re doing social distancing. We’re trying to limit our time out, and all of these things are really working for us,” says Kelly Craine, with the Waco McLennan County Public Health District.

She calls the most recent COVID numbers “stagnant” – something she considers good news.

“We’re averaging anywhere from 25 to 50 a day, which is good. We want to keep those numbers at that level, if not lower,” said Craine.

But she says we aren’t in the clear just yet – adding that Central Texans must focus and remain vigilant to continue flattening the curve.

“You know, we’re like doing all of this, and you’re like, ‘Oh, we’re doing better and we let our guard down a little bit.’ Don’t let the fatigue overcome you. Just know that we are being successful,” Craine told FOX44.

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