Axtell community sounds off at landfill application meeting


AXTELL, Texas – The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality held its first public meeting regarding the controversial landfill application by the City of Waco, near Axtell.

“Is that your definition of a good neighbor?,” asks Axtell High School Superintendent Dr. J.R. Proctor.

Proctor was among about 200 + Axtell homeowners sounding off to the City of Waco and the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality staff.

On Thursday, both parties held a public meeting to show community members the plans they have for the proposed landfill near Axtell and Limestone County. Many people are opposed to the landfill mostly because they fear contaminated groundwater, increased traffic, and other environmental impacts – and didn’t hold back.

“What’s your guarantee that you’re not going to release anything onto these peoples’ lands when we all know all sides leak?,” said one community member. “It’s happening to this day. All around!”

“I love that you guys never put them next to your houses,” another homeowner says.

“Is my lawyer going to be able to contact Waco if I’ve got that cattle in the creek?,” asks a veteran and a local farmer.

The City of Waco’s manager, engineer, and members of the TCEQ, did their best to answer. But some of the answers were falling on deaf ears.

The informal questioning was following by a formal phase of questioning. Homeowners are hoping the TCEQ won’t just look at facts and figures, but do what’s right for the people of Axtell and Limestone County.

During introductions, representatives with the City of Waco say the current landfill can only last another five to seven years. The TCEQ says this is just the first couple phases of the approval process, and that they still have a long way to go before anything is finalized.

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