Axtell landfill battle continues


The people of Axtell are not backing down, after the City of Waco voted Tuesday night to purchase a 772 acre tract of land that would serve as a buffer between a landfill and the community.

Landfill opponents are not planning on fighting the permitting process, they say there are so many reasons why that site is not good for a landfill.

“A lot of primary concerns that we have are about safety and about roadways but then also about the quality of life,” said Lacy Hollingsworth with the group “Saving Axtell Families and Environment.”

Hollingsworth along with other members of the group plan to make their voices heard, not to the city of Waco anymore, but to the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality or TCEQ.

“and letting everyone at TCEQ know that we are opposed to this and the reasons why we’re opposed to this,” said Hollingsworth.

Waco Mayor Kyle Deaver says they’ve heard the concerns, and that’s one of the reasons why they voted Tuesday night to buy that extra piece of land.

“I understand that wherever we go there are going to be residents and the residents are not going to like it and I know that we can try to do a lot of things to help them,” said Deaver.

The entire 1,200 acre tract will cost the city about $5 million.

“I also don’t know that you need 12 hundred acres to provide a buffer, that seems like an awfully large buffer and a five million dollar buffer between the two properties that they purchased is very costly for the residents and taxpayers of the city of Waco,” said Hollingsworth.

The city says they have designated funds from their solid waste budget to develop the landfill, but money will also come from people in Waco.

“It certainly will cause an increase by some amount of what people pay each month for their solid waste services what we are projecting right now is somewhere a little bit over $3 a month that it will go up,” said Deaver.

“There’s gotta be a better way there’s got to be something else that you can do with the trash,” added Hollingsworth.

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