WACO, Texas (FOX 44)- Summer break is coming to an end. As we prepare for the first day back school, Travis Science Academy school resource officer Undre Mitchell wants to remind parents to be attentive on the roads.

“Look for the flashing signs. Look for kids crossing the street as they go to different schools. We have kids coming from all over the city and there’s crosswalk. So please pay attention to that as you get ready to bring your kids and your traveling to work as well,” says Travis Science Academy school resource officer Undre Mitchell.

As you’re traveling to work, you want to slow down and look up.

“You can not be in a school zone with your cellphone okay, make sure to put those cell phones down so that you can pay attention to everything that’s going on around you. We don’t want you to trying to answer that text. You can definitely wait. And then that way our kids are safe,” says Mitchell.

The first week can get hectic, and you can expect to see a lot of traffic in the drop off and pick up area.

“Please stay in your car, make sure your kid stays in the car until they get to the front of the school and we’ll have someone come and open up the door and that way they can make it in safely,” says Mitchell.

Robinson police chief Rich Andreucci says you should also stay on-alert for the big yellow school buses.

“If you’re oncoming to that bus and the lanes are not separated by like a wide median, then oncoming traffic has to stop as well,” says Robinson police chief Rich Andreucci.

And for students who will be walking to and from school Andreucci is urging parents to have a route planned for their kids.

“The area the kids are walking to and from school have a sidewalk for the parents to really push their kids. Stay on the sidewalk. If the area doesn’t have a sidewalk that ask them to walk against the flow of of of traffic. So going towards the cars, so drivers can see the kids,” says Andreucci.