NEW ORLEANS, La.- Baylor bears take on Ole’ Miss on New Year’s day, a day many fans have been waiting for. But before the game started Fox 44 stopped to talk to a couple of fans during the tailgate.

“I’m so excited you don’t miss games like the Sugar Bowl, when I was in school, we didn’t make bowls, so for us to be here go gold. We’re obviously going to wear a gold shirt. We’re fired up,” says Baylor Fan, Clark Dalton.

Clark Dalton and his friends have a tradition, whenever the bears make it to a bowl game, they say they need to attend.

“We started back when we went to the Texas bowl against Illinois ten years ago with Robert Griffin. We’ve been to the Fiesta bowl and the Alamo bowl. We’ve been to the Sugar bowl two years ago, so we go every year,” says Dalton.

Fans filled up the Champion Square where they enjoyed live entertainment from the Baylor spirit squad and the golden wave band.

For Clark, it meant a lot to him seeing fans of all ages show up to New Orleans and support the bears.

“I mean, to watch younger guys come up, I know I’m a fan, but watch younger people go to school, become fans and love it, you just kind of can add to the Baylor family it’s awesome,” says Dalton.

Fans like Andrick, Adian, and Aksel, have a long history of Baylor pride.

“I go to Baylor, actually, and we’ve been going for Baylor since we were little kids we are very excited because our dad was a Baylor alumni, so this is really exciting for us,” say Baylor fans, Andrick, Adian, and Aksel.