WACO, Texas – A packed room as Baylor University hosted its 13th annual Martin Luther King Day Luncheon.

The event is usually held on the Wednesday after Martin Luther King Day to give attendees extra time to RSVP.

The luncheon serves as the conclusion to a week of marches and wreath laying ceremonies honoring the late civil rights leader.

“One of the things that it does, it brings Baylor and the community together. And it’s good because it’s nice to see a town embrace a college,” says organizer Pearl Beverly.

At the event, speaker David Pollard portrayed Dr. King as if he was alive today. This segment was a new addition compared to years past.

“I think just to present something new to individuals every year. Mrs. Beverly thought it was important to get that perspective of Martin Luther King Jr. as if he was alive today,” says organizer Rachel Bay.

Next year’s luncheon has already been set to January 20th, 2021.