WACO, Texas- As the war rages on in Ukraine, Baylor University has been showing an outpouring amount of support for Ukraine. During Wednesday’s discussion panel, an 11 year old, Myron Maletski, Ukrainian boy shows his appreciation by playing the piano.

Dr. Burt Burleson led a prayer on Wednesday for those in the region. Many people have been affected by the war and its difficulties, Baylor University has been showing Ukrainians they stand by them.

“We lit Pat Neff Hall. Blue and yellow just last week as as our students were on spring break and shared that broadly,” says Baylor University president, Dr. Linda Livingstone.

Fox 44 previously spoke with associate professor of political science Dr. Serhiy Kudelia, who was in Ukraine before the invasion began, he says before the attacks, he and a lot of Ukrainians didn’t believe they would go to war.

“I told him, well, I don’t think I would be going to a war zone. With my daughter, would I? We all believe we all believe that this is just part of some type of coercive bargaining on the part of Putin,” says Dr. Serhiy Kudelia associate professor of political science

During the round table on Wednesday, he was able to join us virtually from Switzerland and was amazed to see how Baylor has been displaying their solidarity.

“Amazing to read this outpouring of support and sympathy from my students and gratitude for the courses that I taught them. So thank you to them. I know some of them are right now in the hall thanks for your support to Ukraine,” say Dr. Kudelia.