Baylor University’s Pi Beta Phi sorority is facing sanctions after a controversial video was posted on social media.

The video shows sorority members singing along to a hip-hop song and using a racial slur while doing so.

This eight-second video shows sorority members jumping and singing the lyrics to a song called “Mo Bamba” by Sheck Wes, in which you can hear the group of ladies saying the slur.

This was all during a chapter funtion.

Baylor began an investigation into the incident, and after review the organization is now facing some serious consequences  

Baylor’s NAACP is upset after the video was posted on instagram by Pi Beta PHi member and later posted on twitter that now has over 33,000 views.

The chapter’s major spring social event is now cancelled and they’re using those funds from that event for a mandatory cultural awareness workshop for all it’s members.

 “It wasn’t meant to cause harm but it did,” says Baylor’s NAACP President Shevann Steuben.

Steuben posted this statment on their twitter. 

“I think the video is something very common that happens, and in this case I wouldn’t categorzie it as something that was malicious, I think a lot of it was ignorance just about what cultural references means and what the impacts are,” Steuben continues.

Steuben also says this should be a teachable moment for everyone on Baylor’s campus.

“Big time for Baylor to really come together and understand that we do have cultural differences and that’s kind of the heart of what Baylor has in terms of diversity,” Steuben continues.

The Pi Beta Phi sorority released a statement saying: 

“The chapter regrets and takes full responsibility for the actions of our members using racially insensitive language while singing along to “Mo Bamba” during a recent chapter function. The lyrics of this song do not align with Pi Beta Phi’s core values nor do they exemplify what our organization stands for. Chapter leadership swiftly took action to address this behavior and hold members accountable for these inappropriate actions. In consultation with our Headquarters and Baylor University’s Office of Student Activities, the chapter is developing a plan to address the internal factors that allowed this behavior to exist and to better educate our members on cultural awareness and sensitivity. On behalf of all members of the Texas Zeta Chapter of Pi Beta Phi, we sincerely apologize for any offense resulting from this incident.”

Kevin P. Jackson, Ph.d Vice President for Student Life also released a statement saying: 

“Baylor University was made aware late last week of a racially insensitive video originating from one of our Panhellenic organizations. As soon as University officials learned of the report, we began an immediate inquiry to gather additional information and initiated our established student organization conduct review process.

“The inquiry has been completed, and the organization has taken full responsibility for the incident and apologized for their actions. The organization, in coordination with the University, has identified internal accountability practices, cultural awareness education and ways to address the individuals responsible and the organizational culture that resulted in the racially insensitive behavior. The University has accepted the mutually agreed-upon sanctions and will continue to work with the organization to enhance the educational opportunities afforded by this process. 

“This incident does not in any way reflect Baylor’s institutional values. We are deeply disappointed because we have high standards of conduct for our students and the organizations to which they belong. Baylor is strongly committed to our Christian mission, which includes understanding the importance of cultural sensitivity and ensuring we are respectful of the words that we use and their potential effect on others.”