Baylor student speaks on alleged plagiarism incident


Just days ago, students held a protest on Baylor’s campus in support of Diamond Dominguez, a senior at the university. 

Dominguez says a two-point extra-credit assignment could prevent her from graduating. 

A student told FOX44 on Monday she plagiarized on a similar assignment with the same professor, but wasn’t penalized. 

This student wrote an open letter to the president and provost of Baylor after hearing about Dominguez’s penalty for plagiarism. 

Hanna Seay tells us Dominguez’s punishment seems unfair and extreme. 

“It’s honestly hard for me to wrap my mind around that a two-point extra-credit assignment could prevent someone from graduating,” Seay says. “I was very disheartened when I first learned about it, and felt that was very unfair.”

Seay says it seems unfair because she too plagiarized on that same assignment when she took the course during her freshman year. 

Dominguez says she was penalized for submitting a photo for the assignment. Seay submitted an article from the New York Times, but says there was no penality for her. 

“I did not use proper citation, MLA or APA or anything, or quotation marks,” Seay says.

Seay believes if she posted a picture like Dominguez, she still would have passed the class. She adds it would be naive to ignore her and Dominguez’s racial identities in regards to their outcomes. 

“I see one situation where a white woman was treated respectfully in class and not retaliated against or penalized for the work she did, and then in Diamond’s situation, a black woman who was treated disrespectfully in class and yelled at for something that I believe I did, also,” Seay says.

The letter Seay wrote requests the university “holds me equally accountable to this apparent standard.”

FOX44 spoke with Baylor President Dr. Linda A. Livingstone about this matter.

“Well, we’ll continue to work with Ms. Dominguez on the issues that she’s raised, and we have kind of a normal process and policies that we follow in doing that. So we will certainly continue to work with her in that context and certainly want her to be successful as we go forward and to be able to complete her degree.”

There is no word yet on whether the university’s stance will change or not, but FOX44 will bring you any new developments as they become available.

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