Baylor students alerted about assault


Baylor students were alerted early Thursday morning about an assault in the campus area.

The Baylor Police Department got a call at 12:10 a.m. from a woman who said she had been assaulted in the South 5th Street and James Avenue area near the Tidwell Building.

The victim told officers she had been walking when a man she did not know came up from behind and grabbed her around the waist.

She was able to break loose and run away and immediately called police.

The alert said the suspect was seen running from the area, going south on South 5th Street and away from campus.

Baylor Police did an immediate thorough search of the area but did not locate the suspect.

There were no weapons involved and the victim was not hurt.

The suspect was described as a male of unknown race, about five feet seven inches tall, about 150 pounds and wearing a gray hoodie and gray sweat pants.

Amanda Hernandez and Hannah Evans are graduate students at Baylor, and Hernandez lives near where the attack took place.

“Even this morning I knew there would be people out and I didn’t have to worry about anything, but I still made someone drive me because I was a little nervous about it,” Hernandez says.

They like how Baylor sends out alerts.

“We appreciate knowing what’s going on, especially when it’s stuff that’s not a fluke…police chase… but women in particular getting attacked,” Evans says. 

Hernandez adds “I rather know then not know especially if there something I can do to avoid being put in that situation, where something potentially dangerous can happen to me.” 

They got the alerts right when it happened.

Evan explains “Normally I get a text and an email, but for some reason I only got an email this time which I thought was interesting.. but it sounds like you got a text… “I got a text and an email.”

They always walk home alone at night, and Lance Yager from Select Jiu Jitsui Academy says that’s one thing to avoid.

“Well first not be alone that’s huge.. I mean that’s automatically you don’t have a witness to whatever happens if you go out on your own,” Yager explains.

He says knowing self defense is key to getting out of dangerous situations.

“In self defense best thing to do is keep a good situational awareness so you can be aware.. the earlier you are prepared the better you are going to be,” Yager says.

Going to multiple classes will help.

Yager says “The more you practice that the more you are going to have techniques ready that you know you can rely, the other person is going to give you 100% resistance and you can make them give up anyway.”

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