WACO, Texas – The Baylor football team has made it to the Big 12 Championship, while students are excited some say getting tickets was a challenge.

“I had class during the first release, and I was like, can we take a 10 minute break to get tickets and [my professor] was like sure thing,” One student said. “So I actually got it in the first wave which was a blessing.”

Other students did not have the same luck.

“I logged in about 30 seconds after they had sold out which was okay, then I went on seat geek and got one for my friend and I so it all worked out,” one student said.

Student Hudson White on the other hand got his tickets with no problem, sharing that he will attend the game with his father.

“I’m super pumped. I grew up a Baylor fan, so getting to go to the games is going to be super fun,” White said.

To some Freshmen, this game is the highlight of their semester.

“I’m going on Saturday and I’m taking my mom. This is her first college football game ever and she’s so excited,” one student said.

“This is such a big deal for the campus and everything, we are all freshman so this is a really cool experience for us,” one student said.

The bears are set to take on Oklahoma State Saturday, December 4th at the AT&T Stadium.