WACO, Texas – Diadeloso has been canceled for the past two years due to COVID, but it’s back in full swing in time for its 90th Anniversary.

Diadeloso translated to “Day of the Bear” is a chance for students to enjoy a day full of fun with no scheduled class. 

“I’m super excited because this is going to be my first DIA since everything shut down from COVID,” student Grace O’Neal said.

Unloading equipment, preparing tents, and setting up the Gondola Wheel is what took place on fountain mall today in preparation for the big event.

The first event kicks off Tuesday morning with a fun run at 9 o’clock and the night ends with band Apollo LTD in concert.

This annual event takes place on Tuesday in spring for the entire Baylor staff to have a break from their scheduled routine.

“We’re super excited to go to the goat yoga, the axe throwing. Get some Andy’s, and just hang out,” one student said.

“I’m looking forward to finally experiencing the Baylor tradition. Its been around for 90 years, and I didn’t get to experience last year,” student Bethel Tesfai said. “So I’m just excited to be apart of the new culture.”

Free lunch, a petting zoo, and performances from Greek organizations will also be on the list of scheduled events.

“I’m excited to have a day off from class and get to hang out with my friends see what DIA is all about,” student Elisa Harrison said. “I don’t really know what to expect and this is my first year doing it.”

After two years, the event is back in full swing; no mask, no social distancing, back to normal like it was before the pandemic.

For a full list of events visit the Baylor website.