Baylor University outlines plan to confront its past


WACO, Texas – Baylor’s Board acknowledged the university’s historical connections to slavery last June, and has now created a Commission on Historic Campus Representations to offer guidance on presenting the university’s complete history.

The Commission’s specific charges and members were shared Monday afternoon on Baylor’s official Twitter. The Commission will:

1. Review the complete historical record and context of the university and its founders and early leaders, including historical connections to slavery and racial injustice.

2. Propose a plan for communicating this history, including historical connections to slavery and racial injustice.

3. Evaluate all monuments, buildings and other aspects of campus within this historical context and in reference to the original intentions behind their location and naming and provide observations for consideration.

4. Prepare a final report to be provided to the Board of Regents and the president no later than December 20, 2020.

Baylor’s Commission on Historic Campus Representations will be led by three co-chairs: Dr. Alicia Monroe, Provost of the Baylor College of Medicine and Baylor Regent; Dr. Gary Mortenson, Dean of the Baylor School of Music; and Walter Abercrombie, Associate AD for the Baylor B Association.

The full list of Commission members can be found here.

Source: Baylor University

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