Baylor University releases statement on Title IX Lawsuit settlement


A settlement has been reached between Baylor and a former volleyball player who filed a title IX lawsuit. 

Eight Baylor football players were accused of allegedly raping the former student. This, among other complaints in the dispute.

On Friday, the court has temporarily suspended any further proceedings.

The lawsuit was filed May 2017, regarding an alleged sexual attack in 2012. This is the 5th settlement in a string of cases involving the university’s football team.

In the lawsuit, the former volleyball player says she was brutally gang raper by several Baylor football players, also claiming the university’s coaches and staff failed to properly handle the complaints.

Court documents say the woman was drugged by the players at a party. She recalls the players yelling “Grab her phone!” and “Delete my numbers and texts.”

The former student says she confronted her mother about it at the end of the semester, who then confronted an assistant coach with a list of football players involved.

The victim says her family was also harassed by the players through text messages and that her apartment was burglarized.

We also have reached out to the Houston-based attorney in this case and still waiting a response for a statement.

The university released this statement:

“Baylor University understands that survivors of sexual and interpersonal violence seek resolution in many ways. In reaching a legal settlement, we acknowledge the challenges this survivor has endured and realize it’s a small step in the healing process. Under new leadership, Baylor has taken significant actions in response to past reports of sexual violence within our campus community and implemented 105 improvements to our Title IX policy, processes and procedures. We remain steadfast in our commitment to properly respond to incidents of sexual assault, interpersonal violence and harassment.”

The financial terms of this settlement are confidential and will not be disclosed. You can view the settlement by clicking the attachment below.

Source: Baylor University

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