Be safe when capturing the eclipse

We will all want to take pictures and video of the solar eclipse. But do you know how to get those pictures without damaging your camera or phone?
One of the most important things to know is to not use a DSLR camera, where you have to look through an eye piece. Those cameras reflect light back into your camera, where it can cause eye damage. 
Using cell phones to video or take pictures of the solar eclipse is a good way to capture it.. Just make sure not to point them at the sun for too long. 
No matter what you use, it’s a good idea to use a solar filter so nothing gets damaged.
“If you have a camera aimed at the sun and you’re looking at the screen, as long as you are behind the shadow and your eye isn’t seeing it,” says Baylor Electrical/Computer Engineering Professor Keith Schubert. “But most people aren’t that steady, right, so you’re going to be seeing the sun. You don’t want to be looking directly at the sun, so it’s a good idea to avoid that.”
Also, using a tripod helps keep the camera steady while also getting the great details of the sun in it’s total eclipse.

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