BELL COUNTY, Texas — Barnard Beef Cattle Company have worked and served Central Texas for over 100 years.

But when the owners heard from potential clients that someone was selling Barnard branded beef, they reached out to FOX 44.

“Honestly it was a little scary to think that someone’s driving around, telling people that they’re with me and that’s not the case,” Owner Blayr Barnard said.

She received a message a few days before Christmas Eve from a potential client who had seen an advertisement on Facebook but then asked Blayr why they were selling door to door.

That’s when she knew there was a problem.

“He described that a couple of men were driving in the Belton area,” she said. “Door to door in a white pickup truck with a chest freezer in the back, telling everyone that they were from Barnard Beef in Austin, which we’re not in Austin.”

The Barnards did file a police report but they did not have a license plate number to match with the truck.

Blayr went on to tell FOX 44 that within Barnard Cattle Company, they have very structured procedures on how they process, communicate, and deliver meat to customers.

“You get several emails from us from the moment they put down the deposit, they’ll get two or three update emails as we’re getting closer and they pay the rest and then they’ll get a call from the butcher and you know, all the things,” she said.

“And then at the end, the last week before we deliver, they’re going to get two or three emails and a group text message telling them exactly what is going to be happening.”

Blayr says that this is how they ensure that not only are their customers getting the quality they pay for but also the safety.

“I don’t want something that has spoiled in the back of a truck to be fed to someone and someone gets sick, that that is that’s that’s horrible ideas just in my head,” she added. “So I’d hate to have that happen.”

Blayr did say that every piece of beef sold by Barnard Cattle is labeled with a sticker that says prepared for Barnard Beef Cattle Company.

Also if you believe you’ve seen these sellers, feel free to reach out to Blayr on their Facebook or website.