Bell County Sheriff warns of harmful phone scam


BELL COUNTY, Texas – Bell County Sheriff Eddy Lange is warning county citizens that a phone scammer is targeting them.

Lange has reported multiple incidents have occurred throughout Bell County of a scammer telling people their social security information is outdated and their money is being embezzled in drug rings.

The caller then warns the person they might be arrested if they don’t pull the money from their bank accounts and send a portion to them.

The Sheriff’s Office is pleading with their community to take extra caution.

“Please, if anyone tries to solicit information from you on the phone, do not give out any personal information that you haven’t requested services or something from someone,” Lange says.

Lange explained these scams are different from fraud cases he has dealt with in the past because even though the scammers are foreign, they use a local area code for their calls.

Lange even encourages those who get these phone calls to direct them to his office phone, saying he will deal with the scammers himself.

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