The Bell County Sheriff’s Department is investigating after a video posted originally to Snapchat then shared on Twitter received a lot of attention.

It shows a teen violently throwing a cat into Belton Lake.

“How could they treat an animal like that and if we have to treat other human beings with respect and dignity, I think it extends to all animals as well,” said Kiersten Remster, who was spending the morning at Belton Lake on Wednesday.

“I hate to see any animal be in that position, where they are put, I wouldn’t call it torture, but to a cat it probably is torture, because of their dislike of the water,” said Sheriff Eddy Lange with the Bell County Sheriff’s Department.

The department is not releasing the boy’s identity because he is under age.

“The young men have been identified, and we are in the process now of calling them in for interviews and probably taking statements from them and determining if in fact there’s enough evidence there to pursue any criminal charges,” said Sheriff Lange.

The Sheriff says consequences are possible, if not by the justice system, then maybe on the football field.

“Yeah, they are going to be held accountable, I hope the coach is watching this and his punishment may be taken out on the football practice field,” added the Sheriff.

“I think he should definitely be held responsible no matter what age he is,” said Remster.

FOX 44 contacted the Belton School District, they say even though this incident did not take place on campus, it may result in school consequences.

“I think so action definitely needs to be taken, because this is just not acceptable to me,” said Remster.

“It’s just a tragic situation that a young man made a wrong decision at the time, and unfortunately, he’s going to have to answer for it,” said Sheriff Lange.