Bell County Sheriff’s Department rolls out Virtual Neighborhood Watch website


The Bell County Sheriff’s Department kicked off a new Virtual Neighborhood Watch Program on Tuesday afternoon.

It’s goal is to give the community a new way to help law enforcement catch criminals.

The website is not meant for emergencies, but it does give locals the option to report a crime or suspicious activity, no matter how small it may seem.

“I’m looking for soccer moms, that are in the school line, waiting on their little girls and little boys and they see a red truck over there thats been there every day,” said Bruce Moran, President of Strategic Information Services.

Bell County C.R.I.M.E.S, which stans for Community Related Information Management Exchange System, is the latest tool partnering with the Sheriff’s Department to bring an end to crime.

 “There is a gap between communication, between law enforcement and between the community, and as a result of that we wanted to try and find a way to change that,” said Moran.

The website, which is is easy to use, you simply answer the questions as best you can all while staying anonymous.

“We store every piece of information that comes in, something that’s not very important or not important at all today could be really important a year from now and what we are trying to do with our organization is be that little piece in the puzzle that that investigator is looking for,” said Moran.

That information is sent to a local fusion center, then it gets relayed to the Sheriff’s Department.

“I just think it’s a great avenue to save this information and have some system where computers or actual human people looking at it, it’s going to be a great program to safeguard our community a little bit more,” said Sheriff Eddy Lange, with the Bell County Sheriff’s Department.

Essentially expanding the eyes and ears of law enforcement by the thousands.

“It’s just going to make it a little bit more difficult for criminals out there to accomplish their task, and that’s what our goal is, try to make our community safe and try to catch some of those bag guys and gals,” added Sheriff Lange.

The first step is the website, which officially went live Tuesday afternoon, and they hope to roll out an app for your smartphone soon after.

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