Bellmead PD seeking suspect in church burglary


Bellmead Police need your help finding the man who broke into Northside Church of Christ twice and stole multiple items. 

“The most concerning thing has been just somebody was in our building that wasn’t supposed to be, and that has been a worry for us,” says Chris Borland, who serves as an elder at Northside Church of Christ.

Police say a man broke into the church the night of May 28 and then came back the next morning.
When Borland got the call about the alarm going off, he checked the footage and saw a man entering with a key and knew something was off.

“And so we went and reviewed the other footage and looked. That’s when he broke in the night before into our office window, gotten into our office, and kind of rifled through the office and actually got some extra keys, and he was coming back to enter,” Borland says.

He ended up taking a couple of their security cameras, their extra keys, and some other little things.

“We know that we are blessed, in that regard, but we do want to make sure we can keep all the things that we put together for our members safe,” Borland explains.

Now Borland says they are not only going to replace the cameras, but add more.

“We are a long-standing part of the community, and we love to serve this part of the community. There is just, ya know, with some of the establishments that are around us we do deal with sometimes, kind of a rougher element,” Borland explains. “But that’s kind of our heart to serve, and we don’t want to leave this place. But we just want to make sure everybody is safe.”

Bellmead Police is also increasing the number of patrols around the church at night.

Borland says they have already fixed the window and re-keyed the whole building.

“If someone is in that kind of situation and they want help, that’s one of the charges that God has given us – to help those around us who are less fortunate. And we want to do that as much as possible,” Borland says.

Bellmead Police are asking if you recognize the man in the video to give them a call at 254-799-0251.


Bellmead Police needs your help in identifying a suspect in a burglary case. 

A suspect broke into the Northside Church of Christ on May 28 through an unlocked window. The church is located at 2500 Parrish Street.

The suspect is reported to have taken a security camera, as well as batteries for the camera. A box containing keys was also taken. 

The suspect returned on the morning of May 29 and attempted to enter the front door using the keys previously taken. The alarm scared him off, and he took another camera as he left.

If you have any helpful information, you can contact the Bellmead Police Department at 254-799-0251.

Source: Bellmead Police Department

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