BELTON, Texas. A Belton father is getting more than he expected after asking people on Facebook to send Christmas cards for his son with autism.

“Its like a dream to be honest with you. I’m just truly blessed that people actually want to show love for my son,” says Father, Marty Mendoza.

Mendoza is a single father to his son, Marty Jr, who suffers from non-verbal autism. The father lives paycheck-to-paycheck and struggles to make ends meet.

“Every year, Christmas and birthdays were out of the element because bills came first,” the father says.

The father says this year, he wanted to make it extra special

“I was watching these christmas carols and see people open up there christmas presents and I told my son he needs to have at least some, you know what I mean,” the father says.

To his surprise, the post went viral, prompting people in different countries to send Christmas cards and even monetary donations.

“It warms the heart. It shows the community is still engaged with everybody the community,” says Eddie Booth, a donor who hand-delivered cards to the Mendozas.

Since the post, Mendoza receives multiple daily shipments of cards and other items including toys, money, and meals.

“This is the most packages I’ve ever delivered to a house. To one house,” says one Amazon worker.

Mendoza says he plans to read every card to his 33-year-old son and plans to pay it forward by donating some of the gifts to charity.

If you would like to help the Mendozas, send a card to:

Marty Mendoza, Jr.
419 West Avenue C
Belton, TX 76513