WACO, Texas — Beto O’Rourke was in our neck of the woods this evening on his Keep the Lights On gubernatorial campaign across Texas as the governor’s race inches closer.

“As governor, I’m going to make sure I’m representing republicans, democrats, independents, Texans,” he told Fox 44 News. “And that’s what we talked about today here in Waco.”

O’Rourke met with supporters this evening at Brazos Park East while continuing his Keep the Lights On campaign trail.

He not only touched on the power loss during the February snow storms of 2021 but also about affordable housing and abortion rights.

“By the way in case you were wondering, when I’m governor I’ll trust women to make their own decisions about their own future and their own health care,” he told a crowd of supporters.

The Waco-McLennan County area was more than happy to welcome O’Rourke and hear him speak. Many believe this election will be different.

“I think this will be the difference this time,” supporter Katherine Turner-Pearson said. “I think the enthusiasm is there and I think he has a good solid message and he wants to do the right thing.”

“I think it’s going to be different,” supporter Susan Pantle added. “I think people are tired of the leadership in Texas right now. I think people have gotten disgusted and are ready for a change.”

O’Rourke ended by meeting everyone who attended this evening’s meeting and taking photos. He is headed to Houston tomorrow for a block walk around the area.