Americans spent nearly $3.4 billion this year in unwanted Christmas presents. That means those who received them, are now returning them.

Millions of Americans took to the stores the day after Christmas, December 26th, to return those unwanted gifts in what retailers call the biggest return day of the year.

“Today is really busy, customer service gets slammed, they get so much stuff that needs to go back on the floor, and it takes forever to get them all back on the floor,” said Nicholas Hernandez, Sales Associate at Kohl’s.

Nicholas Hernandez is a sales associate at Kohl’s and says he is ready for the big return crowds.

“I remember, cause I was here last year, and I remember I would do the four hour shifts where I would close and that whole four hours is just me getting stuff from customer service back onto the floor, its crazy back there,” said Hernandez.

It’s a similar story at Cavender’s Boot City.

“It usually gets very busy with the returns and exchanges but also we have several customers using the gift cards that they got for Christmas,” said Adam Harris, Store Manager at Cavender’s Boot City.

Some customers beat the crowds Tuesday morning to exchange items at the mall.

“Clothes that don’t fit, stuff they didn’t really want from the relatives, you know, just basic stuff like that,” said Hernandez.

Others were there to spend some of their Christmas money and take advantage of the end of the year sales.

“I came to buy me some shoes with the Christmas money my grandparents gave me,” said a Richland Mall shopper.

“We’re shopping for, like we got a lot of money for Christmas so just to shop for ourselves I guess,” said a Richland Mall shopper.

“I’m trying to go to bath and body works and go and get their sales and stuff like that,”said a Richland Mall shopper.

If you do plan to return your gifts, experts say make sure you have your receipt and ID handy, and if you can wait for Thursday or Friday, those days will have shorter lines.