January 01 2022 12:00 am

Black Friday shopping during COVID-19


WACO, Texas – With COVID-19, Black Friday shopping is looking differently than previous years.

“We did a lot of it [shopping] online at Kohl’s, and then we went to Joann’s and Michael’s, but it hasn’t been, as my mom said, ‘Not as crowded,'” says shopper Shirley Reeves.

While waiting in line, people are trying to maintain social distancing while shopping to stay safe.

“I just got started. I’ve been basically wearing my mask, and kind of been watching people that doesn’t really have theirs on the proper way,” says shopper Vicky Bederka.

Whether online or in person, people are making sure they get the best deals this holiday season.

“Today was pretty hectic. I wasn’t expecting it to be as bad today, you know? On Black Friday with COVID and everything. But it’s been pretty crazy. I’ve gone to about ten different stores, and there’s been some good deals, and some not so worth the line. So I’ve just put some items back, and I’ll get it online instead of going to the store,” says shopper Samantha Wright.

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